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International SourcingInternational Sourcing

Looking for Import?? Can't find suitable product or Vendor? We will help you to find best suitable product from manufacturers around the world and to set up Import operations.

Though, we are committed and determined to promote Export from India, but in case if you are seeking some good products from International manufacturers to promote that in Local Indian Market OR if you require some raw materials for your manufacturing unit / process from best manufacturers worldwide, we can help you to source and develop vendors from the worldwide manufacturing hubs.

At, India Niryat, we help you to find best manufacturers who can provide not only quality products matching with your standards, but also helps you to set-up best terms for pricing and payments from them. We can also provide you complete sourcing services right from identifying the vendor up to dispatch of goods at very reasonable charges.

It includes –

  • Identifying ideal manufacturers
  • Checking and matching quality standards as per your requirements
  • Price / Payment negotiation
  • Indenting on behalf of you (optional)
  • Documentation and logistics as your sourcing agent (optional)